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If you’re hiding your smile due to missing teeth and don’t want dental implants, dentures are a time-tested solution to replace missing teeth. Advantage Dental Care in Springfield, Virginia, works closely with patients to ensure they receive dentures that not only restore their self-confidence because they look great, but that also fit and function well. Learn more about dentures by calling Advantage Dental Care or using the online form to schedule an appointment today.

Dentures Q & A

Do I need a full denture or a partial denture?

If you’re missing all of your top teeth or all of your bottom teeth, you need a full denture to replace them. A partial denture can replace just a few missing teeth and is a good option for people who can’t or don’t want to wear a dental bridge. 

Do dentures feel like natural teeth?

Your dentures feel like natural teeth after an adjustment period. Most people with partial dentures become comfortable wearing them in a few days, while patients with full dentures may have a longer adjustment period lasting a couple of weeks. 

After getting full or partial dentures, practice reading out loud to help learn how your dentures respond to talking and speed up the adjustment process. When you first get dentures, you may feel like they’re too large or stick out too far, but these sensations disappear once you’ve adjusted to them. 

How do I care for my dentures?

Taking care of dentures is similar to caring for natural teeth. You should brush them regularly to keep them clean. When you’re not wearing your dentures, keep them in water to prevent them from drying out. You can add mouthwash or denture cleaning tablets to the water to keep them fresh. Remember to also brush your gums gently to keep them healthy, as well.

If I get full upper and lower dentures, do I still need dental exams? 

You may think that having complete dentures on the top and bottom of your mouth eliminates the need to see the dentist regularly, but dental exams are still important.

Advantage Dental Care examines your gums, performs oral cancer screenings, and can make adjustments to your dentures to ensure they maintain the proper fit.

What should I do if my dentures don't stay in place or cause sore spots?

While dentures are designed to fit securely against the gums, sometimes they slip or move around in your mouth, causing sore spots. Using denture adhesives can help reduce movement, but if your dentures are slipping or causing sore spots in your mouth, schedule an appointment with Advantage Dental Care to make adjustments or check if there are underlying health problems causing the dentures to move. 

Sore spots may lead to open wounds or infections, so scheduling an exam as soon as you notice the problem is important to maintain your oral health.

To learn more about dentures and find out if they’re the right choice for replacing your missing teeth, call Advantage Dental Care or use the online tool to schedule an appointment today.